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Thoughts to Ponder – September 30, 2016

“You take care of the inches, I’ll take care of the miles.

You just have to go first.”

The Universe*

What an encouraging statement! All we have to do is start our project and the Universe will take care of the rest. That doesn’t mean that we can start a task, then sit down and watch television while the project is completed.

Drat! That’s the way I like to work. I must admit right up front that I’m a world class procrastinator. Don Marquis said,

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.”**

How right he was. I’m usually working on yesterday’s task. I much prefer doing something fun than work. But, I know that if I want to accomplish certain things like paying my bills, cleaning my house or writing a New York Times best seller I have to do some work, probably a lot of work.

The Universe isn’t telling us that we don’t have to work. It is telling us that if our deep desire is to accomplish a goal, we should start it even if we don’t see how all the details are going to work out. The Universe will be sure that all that’s needed will be available.

An excellent example is right here in our area. Several years ago a young boy was killed in a traffic accident. Wanting to honor the child’s memory his parents began a program called A Gift from Ben. They went to a local grocery store and asked for a donation of food that was near its expiration date. Since the store management would have to destroy the food anyway, they gave it to the program. The parents then delivered the food to a few people in need and repeated the action each week. As word spread about their charitable project, other stores offered food. Then people who had plenty began offering cash donations. Now the project feeds several low-income neighborhoods and shelters. Some neighborhoods have now set up organized distribution centers. Resident volunteers separate and bag the food so that the other residents can just pick up a bag and return their homes. The parents took the steps of contacting a grocery store and buying an old pick-up truck to deliver the food. The Universe provided the rest.

I know this concept is real. I’ve seen it happen several time in my life. A few examples are: attending college in my 40s and paying the loan debt; buying my first house in my 50s through a low-income program; making repairs/remodeling the house and more recently being given a lovely sweater than wasn’t in my budget. All of us can think of several situations that worked out better than we thought they would.

Most of us have dreams that we don’t expect to come true. That’s our biggest problem. We see the impediments as much larger than the available resources. That feeds our procrastination tendencies. So how do we take care of the “inches”? We go to work, pick up the Windex and rag and sit “butt in chair” and type. Once we do that, we look for the next step and take it. Because we “go first” and “take care of the inches” the Universe will smooth the path to the next step, that is, “take care of the miles.”


Thank you for reminding us that you will always meet our needs and that we need to take the first step. If we do that you will provide the rest.

And, so it is.

* TUT – A note from the Universe, Mike Dooley, September 30, 2016

** Don Marquis, ‘certain maxims of archy’ in “archy and mehitabel”, 1927

© by Sharon D. Dillon, September 30, 2016

Sharon D. Dillon,, “Laugh your way to peace, love and joy” Author of Echoes of your Choices, 2016, available as a paperback or e-book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online sites.

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