Immersion at Holden Beach

A blanket of stars on a pitch black background overhead, to the left, to the right, over land, over ocean. Large, bright stars, small barely discernible stars. So many that constellations are not recognizable. The grandeur of the Universe. Thank you, Universe for this gift. Some stars shoot across the horizon. Scientists call this a meteor shower, but shooting stars describe the vision better.

Added to all this beauty is the steady pulsing of mechanical stars that keep pilots on their path. Can you imagine the view at 30,000 feet? If the stars are magnificent from the ground, they must be awe-inspiring to see at that height.

All this beauty is emphasized by the symphony of the ocean. The steady rhythm of the sea washing the beach. Tons of water crashing into itself, whooshing to the shore, then ebbing back to the depths.

How many small, living creatures wash ashore in this continuous ebb and flow? Walking along the beach we see evidence of oysters, clams, mussels, crabs, starfish and more. Some retreat in their shells and return to the ocean with the next neap tide. Some are not so fortunate. They feed the birds who peck holes in their shells. Others lie in the sun while their body fluids evaporate. Yet even their shells or skeletons tell a story of the majesty of life under the sea.

copyright by Sharon Dillon, November 6, 2015, Holden Beach, NC