Thoughts to Ponder

“The future our hearts have already have mapped for us
gains the energy and momentum to
break through the shell of fear and into our material lives.”
Martha Beck


Some of us are fortunate and know from the time we are small children what our goals are and spend our time and energy working toward those goals. Many of us, though, tend to wander through life not knowing what we want to be when we grow up, even into our 60s or even later. Some of us are told that our dreams are unreasonable and we should stick to what is before us; working hard at a job that we hate but pays the bills and raising another generation without dreams and ending our lives bitter and tired.

Most of us know that there is a seed of a dream within us. No matter what that dream is, we nurture it, sometimes in secret, sometimes sighing to our friends, “I wish I could . . . .” Obligations or naysayers may delay our dreams. Even so, the tiny seed remains, perhaps not growing, but still alive.

Then a day comes when we are free to let the seed grow. We take a class, try doing something new, or take a short trip. That was fun! We do it again and again and again, each time bigger and better. Each time we repeat the activity our seed grows a little more. One day it comes to full flower and our friends can see it in our eyes and our energy. They know we are changed. We aren’t the “old” us. We are “new and improved.” Our energy is higher. Our enthusiasm is contagious.

We have finally become who we really are.


Creator Spirit,
Thank you for planting a seed inside us that guides us to our real selves. Thank you for nurturing it while we face challenges and must keep the seed hidden. We are grateful when the day comes that we can let the seed grow and we finally become who we really are.
And so it is.

© by Sharon Dillon, October 25, 2014

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