Thoughts to Ponder

“Should you ever find yourself on your path
moving along in spite of fear
wondering if you’re ready or not to rise to the next level,
chances are great that you will not be ready.
Rise anyway.
You see, wondering means you’re not ready,
doing means you are.”**

Some people seem to be always ready to walk a new path, apply for a new job, dive off the high board. Others seem to be afraid to try anything new. Most of us are somewhere in the middle. We’re eager to try new things as long as the risk isn’t too scary, but we shy away from life changing possibilities.

I wander up and down the readiness ladder.

Once I tried for a job that sounded fun just for the application experience, knowing I wouldn’t be hired. Even though my skill set wasn’t exactly what they had in mind, I was hired because I’d done a number of different jobs and adapted easily to change. That job turned out to be my favorite, more fun than work.

I’ve moved to different states without much thought. Sometimes those moves were beneficial and made me happy. Others were dead ends that made me want to flee within the hour, if possible. It never was possible, and I learned valuable lessons.

Then there are smaller risks, like riding roller coasters. I’ve always been the one waiting on the ground for my friends to descend from their heart-racing adventure. Recently, the doctor told me to stay off roller coasters. Relief! Now I have a valid excuse to stay on the ground.

Writing “Thoughts to Ponder” was frightening at first. Who was I to offer life suggestions to others who probably knew more than I. However, I’ve learned that most people enjoy reading them and thank me for presenting a new idea. Those who don’t agree usually don’t comment.

Now folks are urging me to write a book. That is a terrifying thought. How can I stretch a 500-800 word thought into a 60-80,000 word book? Who would edit it? Who would publish it? Who would buy it and read it? At this point I’m still pondering those questions.

Recently I wrote about a meditation in which I was directed to step off the cliff. As soon as I can determine how to turn 500 words into 60,000 I’ll take that step, knowing the other issues will be solved as I write.

In the meantime, I hope you will take a little risk, then a larger one, then step off the cliff. You just might find a wonderful adventure.

** “A Note from the Universe,” February 17, 2015, Mike Dooley

© by Sharon D. Dillon, February 20, 2015

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