Time Traveling Adventures

Despite what we’ve all been taught to believe, Time Travel is not a figment of our imagination. “Back to the Future” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth” are true stories. Let me show you what I’ve learned.

This young man made an amazing trip to the dinosaur age and found

With Toothy


that he could actually tame some of them using Jedi skills. He said that this small dinosaur was actually pretty friendly as long as he kept M&Ms in his pockets for treats. Despite the sharp teeth, he convinced his trusty steed to eat only plants. The boy said that his time atop the dinosaur was like riding a pony – and he named him “Toothy.”

Moving forward a few million of years, Capt. John Smith found himself in quite a quandary at Jamestown Fort. Since disease and starvation was rampant, most of the soldiers and other members of the governing council had either died or fled to England on the first available ship leaving Smith in charge. Because of these disastrous events, he recruited younger and younger men and taught them to be soldiers. 0222141152_0001This lad accepted his fate, but wan’t happy when he realized the muskets were longer than he and nearly as heavy.0222141204a_0001

Skipping forward 160+ years the same boy was drafted again. He told the recruiters that he had served before, but they and their commanders doubted him. He appealed his case all the way to Gen. George Washington. When the boy explained that he had already served from 1610-1614, Gen. Washington took umbrage. He ordered punishment1214141107 and a two year enlistment.

Fortunately, the boys made it back to the 21st century and found more gentle steeds to ride.1025141303

Upon their return they found other boys preparing for time travel. 20150101_121211Before they could warn them of the dangers, the new boys were deep into boot camp and almost ready to begin their travels. We can only hope these recruits also return home safely.

© Sharon D. Dillon, January 15, 2015


12 thoughts on “Time Traveling Adventures

  1. Dear Sharon,

    Nice try. The photos are not needed, but are OK, to carry the piece forward. Second sentence, third paragraph: correct verb to “were”, to match plural subject. The spacing of events seems unbalanced. You could eliminate the first event without damaging the impact of the piece. Keep trying.


    Jack Lott

    1. Thank you for the comments, Jack. They help. I know the pacing was uneven. The first and last photos were included to get all four of my boys into the story. I didn’t want to focus on just one, without having any ideas about stories for the other three boys.

  2. Unfortunately, the boys set to go rarely listen to the boys who have been. We all have to see for ourselves. Still, it brought a chuckle. Thanks for that.

    1. Thank you, Carson. This one took a long time to hatch. First the idea, then learning how to download photos from phone and camera, then figuring out how to insert the photos. Still working on that last one – alignment that is.

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